Tom Brady Made His NFL Retirement Official and Is Now Spending Time With His Kids

Tom Brady finally called it quits for the NFL, and he couldn’t be happier! Fans might not feel the same now that the 45-year-old athlete is leaving his legacy behind, but Brady is excited to have time time to spend with his children.

Tom Brady Made NFL Retirement Official now It’s Time for the KidsTom Brady and the Life of a Divorcee

Brady and 42-year-old Gisele Bündchen made their divorce final hours after they filed in late October. Custody and settlement details were kept private and have not been seen by the public. However, it was made clear they would be sharing custody of their three children. That was clear when Brady spent an entire day on the slopes with his children while supermodel and author, Bündchen, was seen stepping off a plane in Brazil to enjoy the festivities of Carnival.

Quality Time With His Daughter

Tom Brady started his snowy adventure by posting a touching video of his daughter and a friend. His little girl is already 10 years old and growing fast. Brady is heard saying, while capturing the video, “Okay, we age BIG tomorrow.” He was so happy to spend time with his little girl, Vivian Lake, that he added another photo to the post, which he captioned “Growing up.”

Proud of His Big Boys

Brady was so happy to spend time with his children, that he shared even more photos. This time, he shared pictures of his grown-up sons. One of the selfies he shared was with his oldest boy, John “Jack” Edward Thomas, who is already 15. He shares his son with his ex-partner, Bridget Moynahan. Brady mentions, in the caption, that John is the best son a dad could ever hope for. He also didn’t miss a chance to post another photo with his other son from Bündchen, who is 13 years old. His boy, Benjamin Rein, was in the picture with his childhood best friend.

Bündchen and Brady Focus on the Kids

A source close to the family shares that Tom Brady and Bündchen love their children dearly and will do what they can to focus on them. At the time, Bündchen was posting comments saying how they would continue to work together as parents. Brady also posted a sweet statement about being blessed to have such beautiful children and that they will continue being the center of their world!

Tom Brady Made NFL Retirement Official now It’s Time for the KidsTom Brady departed the NFL for the second time with a sentimental video recapping his 23 seasons since his first retirement. It was short-lived the first time, but now it is official – he’s out of the NFL and in for a good time with the kids!