These Five NFL Teams Have Some of the Youngest Coaching Staff

These Five NFL Teams, Among Others, Have the Youngest Coaching Staff

In the NFL, it’s hard to believe that fresh meat would be allowed as a head persona in the coaching staff, but it happens. When a sport has been around for so long and has such a deep history, most members held on a pedestal are older. However, since it takes more than 20 coaches to work together for the game to commence and please viewers, sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can do wonders, as these teams have found out!

NFL North Division – Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears, based in Chicago, Illinois, play as part of the north division of the National Football League and have one of the youngest offensive coordinators among the teams. His name is Luke Getsy, and he is 38 years old. He has seven years of experience coaching in the league.

National Football League’s Miami Dolphins

Another spectacular team that plays in the leagues – Miami Dolphins – has one of the youngest head coaches in NFL history. They became one of the first teams that competed in three consecutive Superbowls and won two in a row. Perhaps it’s down to one of the youngest head coaches – Mike McDaniel, 39 years old, being part of the team, which has something to do with it. He employs people around his age.

The New York Giants

The New York Giants compete in the NFL as part of the East division. This team has won four national league championships and four Superbowls. Their offensive coordination – Mike Kafka, 35, proved that a fresh pair of eyes makes a huge difference in success during games.

Los Angels Chargers for the Win

The Los Angeles Chargers were founded in 1959 but had to move down to San Diego in 1961 because of competition with another local team – the Los Angeles Rams. They have had multiple winnings and have a young head coach at the lead – Brandon Staley. He is 39 years old, as is the average age of his entire coaching staff – the second youngest among all.

Detroit Lions in the Competition

The Detroit Lions’ offensive coordinator is 36 years old. They compete with the other teams as having one of the youngest coordination and overall staff. They have won four championship games in their time in the NFL. Fans can thank Ben Johnson and his young staff for the success.

Watching NFL championship games is a favorite past-time for countless Americans. It’s all about the team and how you represent your support for them. Even though the league is historic, and most coaching staff members are well within the middle-aged group, some teams make an exception now and then and allow brilliant young members to join. All teams should be thankful for the coaching staff that makes the game what it is – a spectacular show for all!