Cardinals’ Jonathan Gannon Believes Kyler Murray Will Be Team’s QB Next Season

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As the curtains draw on the 2023 season, the NFL community was presented with a noteworthy update this week concerning the uncertainties surrounding Kyler Murray’s tenure with the Cardinals. In a recent statement, Jonathan Gannon shared that he believes that Murray will continue to serve as the team’s quarterback in the ‘24 season.

Kyler Murray’s Season Finale Evaluation

As the regular season concludes with Arizona’s Week 18 finale, it also signifies the eighth game since Kyler Murray’s return from his ACL tear in December 2022.

This pivotal match served as the last opportunity for first-year coach Jonathan Gannon and the team’s leadership to observe the quarterback in action, specifically whether he should remain at the franchise.

Murray’s Bright Future With the Cardinals

Gannon emphatically dismissed any doubts about Kyler Murray’s future with the Cardinals. He expressed unwavering confidence in Murray’s performance, acknowledging the quarterback’s dedication and hard work. Gannon conveyed his satisfaction with Murray’s overall contributions and efforts to elevate the team’s play.

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From adapting to a new system to showcasing resilience after a knee injury, Murray’s commitment and competitive spirit have left a positive impression on the coach, regardless of win-loss records.

Coach Gannon’s Endorsement

Gannon remains highly confident in Kyler Murray’s leadership, with his conviction strengthening throughout their year of collaboration. Despite uncertainties, Gannon’s unwavering support, particularly after Murray’s standout Week 17 performance, signals a strong endorsement of him as the team’s future cornerstone.

Murray’s impressive stats, such as three touchdown passes and significant yardage, reinforce the narrative of a dynamic quarterback guiding the Cardinals. As they prepare for the upcoming game against the Seahawks, Murray’s recent achievements and Gannon’s support create a positive outlook for potential rebuilding efforts.