Stranger Knits for Fascinated Baby During Flight

TikTok // @kellyryan49

Kelly Levine, also known as @kellyryan49 on TikTok, tells about a heartwarming moment during her family’s return flight from Mexico on January 6. She talks about her five-month-old daughter, Romey, being interested in the woman who knits right next to them. But what happens next will tug at the heartstrings!

A Stranger Knits a Beanie for a Baby

Eventually, Kelly and the woman called Meegan start talking. While they chatted, baby Romey seemed to get more interested in the stranger’s crochet craft, which kept her paralyzed with fascination and kept her calm and entertained during the flight.

TikTok // @kellyryan49

While in the air, mother Kelly (and her husband) couldn’t help but notice the efforts the woman was putting into her work. They don’t ask what she’s crafting, but they end up being shocked by the final result. It turns out that Meegan was working on a little beanie for her new friend Romey!

A Beautiful Friendship

Kelly also shared how worried she was Romey would could a fuss on the flight, or how the mysterious knitting stranger next to them would react if her baby started acting up.

TikTok // @kellyryan49

Meegan owns a small business and often knits different items. Her Instagram username is @crochetobey, and she and Kelly still keep in touch and have remained friends on social media.

Meegan also chimed in, saying how impressed she was by Romey’s calm and collected behavior while observing the knitting process: “Thanks Kelly and Jake for sharing this story. The more we give, the more we receive!!!”