A Missing Woman Was Found Thanks to a Toddler Chasing Bubbles

It appears that one’s never too young to be a hero! Earlier this August in Georgia, a toddler was chasing bubbles when he saw something in the nearby woods and pointed it out to his mom. It turned out to be a woman that had been declared missing days prior. Thanks to this observant child, she was happily reunited with her concerned and loving family!

A Missing Woman Was Found Thanks to a Toddler Chasing Bubbles

Nina Was Missing for Days

According to the news, an 82-year-old woman named Nina Lipscomb was reported missing on the 9th of August. She has early-stage Alzheimer’s’ Disease and was in town for a yearly visit with her family, as stated by her son, Thomas Lipscomb. The beloved elderly had wandered too far from her niece’s home before the family noticed she was gone. Upon not being able to see and find her in the neighborhood, the family reported Nina missing. Concerned community members along with the authorities mounted a multi-day search.

A Toddler Played a Pivotal Role in the Rescue

Nina was finally found thanks to the keen eye of a toddler named Ethan Moore. One-and-a-half-year-old Ethan and his mom Brittany Moore were in the backyard of their home on Friday, playing with bubbles. As young Ethan was chasing the bubbles, he ran toward some that drifted to the fence. Ethan’s mom told reporters that the boy noticed something in the woods near their home. The boy’s eyes were fixed on the woods as he said he saw feet.