A Millionaire Has Created 99 Homes to Combat Homelessness in His Town

Facebook // The 12 Neighbours Community

In Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, there’s a super cool thing happening to tackle local homelessness. Marcel LeBrun, a Canadian millionaire with a big heart, is the brains behind this operation. LeBrun sold his mega-successful company and is now using the money to do some good in his town; he built 99 homes to help homeless people get a roof over their heads. What a legend. Here are the details.

A Millionaire Fighting Homelessness

Last year, a reported 1,800 people in Fredericton spent at least 24 hours without a home. LeBrun used a whopping $4 million of proceeds from his business sale to build what’s now known as the ’12 Neighbours’ gated community, consisting of 99 small homes for the needy.

Facebook // The 12 Neighbours Community

These are no mansions, but nor are they boxes. Each property has a kitchen, a bed, a bathroom, and a cute little front deck for chilling. There are also solar panels on the roof to keep things eco-friendly. The ’12 Neighbours’ community is almost there, with over three-quarters of the homes already completed. The project also got $12 million in government grants. Amazing news.

Controversial? Or the Future?

But not everyone is happy about this project. Some people feel that it is better to help homeless people go back into regular society instead of putting them in a gated community. Despite that, ’12 Neighbours’ is pushing through. They’re not just building houses—they’re creating a whole vibe for those who’ve been through a lot. However, LeBrun argues that homeownership makes people feel responsible, especially those who have experienced homelessness.

Facebook // The 12 Neighbours Community

There’s more coming from this project! There are plans to have a community center run by the residents. This could include a coffee shop, a teaching kitchen, and a silk printing business. It could become a nice hangout spot where everyone, whether they live there or not, can come together. This means they’re not just tackling homelessness but creating a place where people can connect and find work.

Marcel has stated that his dream is to make ’12 Neighbours’ a place where people from town can come by for coffee or to use the services of the businesses there. The goal for the community is to give homeless people a home and a chance to be part of something awesome.