Dental Nurse Wins “World’s First” Makeup-Free Beauty Pageant

Makeup-Free Beauty Pageant

Dental Nurse Wins “World’s First” Makeup-Free Beauty PageantThe no-makeup beauty is gaining more and more popularity nowadays. This year, we got to witness the world’s first-ever makeup-free beauty pageant at Miss London 2023—and it was won by a dental nurse. Let’s take a closer look!

The First Makeup-Free Pageant

This year, the annual Miss London showed almost two dozen women wearing no makeup throughout the competition. They had to impress the judges with their natural beauty and classy outfits on the runway. It was the first time in the history of the Miss England pageant that the models got to compete bare-faced.

The organizers commented that this was revolutionary for Britain and probably the world as the first pageant of this kind. They did the event hoping to empower women and make them more confident in their bodies. They decided to focus on natural beauty as part of promoting a realistic body image.

Introducing the Winner

The woman who won the pageant is called Natasha Beresford. She is 26 and works as a dental nurse in a private dental practice in Chiswick.

Introducing The Winner

Beresford’s career goals are to participate in training for dental radiography and oral health education and to volunteer with Dentaid for their UK outreach dental clinics. Their purpose is to help homeless people, abuse survivors, poor families, cancer patients, and people recovering from addiction.

After taking the crown, Beresford will now need to find time to compete in the Miss England final. It will be held later this year. The runner-ups are Afrose Ameen, 23, from Lewisham, Temi Adeyemi, 26, from Enfield, Middlesex, and 17-year-old Alanta Richards, of Surrey. Lauren Malone, 26, a company founder and CEO, will also have the chance to join the Miss England final after winning a public vote.

Color Experts Say Warm Neutral, Natural Tones Will Get Popular In 2023

Paint color experts have shared the hues that are losing popularity this year and the shades that will replace them as 2023 progresses. The predictions show that gray and pale colors will make way for brighter tones. There will be a rise in rich, intense colors combined with warm neutral, and natural tones.

Color Experts Say Warm Neutral, Natural Tones Will Get Popular In 2023

Color Experts Share Their Opinion

It is important to note that these color trends will not completely disappear. According to Sue Kim, director of color marketing at Valspar, due to the variety of homeowner styles, certain colors will not fall out of fashion entirely but will instead become classic shades that remain as a backdrop. The focus for this year is on embracing personal style and living life fully. As one plans small updates or extensive home renovations, these color trends can serve as inspiration for the spaces being transformed.

According to Tash Bradley, director of interior design and color specialist at Lick, people are increasingly using color to express themselves in their homes. This has led to a preference for subtle colors over gray as a neutral option. If a neutral is desired, customers are choosing taupe, beige, pink, or warm white. The current color trend is shifting towards warmer, earthy tones instead of cool grays.

The Color Trends for 2023

People are moving away from muted colors with gray undertones towards more lively variants. One popular color, sage Green 02, is being replaced by Green 05 Rome House, an olive green with energizing golden undertones. The trend is towards shades with a lot of personality, such as those that are rich and strong in tone.

Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, reports that Agreeable Gray, the company’s well-liked muted gray shade, has lost popularity among homeowners. This signals a shift away from gray, as designers have been discussing, and towards the rising popularity of dark tones such as brown and deep blue in 2023. Homburg Gray SW 7622 and Carnelian SW 7580, darker shades, are encouraging homeowners to experiment with bolder choices in their homes. These richer tones evoke a warm and luxurious mood and add depth and intrigue to a space, creating a feeling of safety at home.

According to Patrick O’Donnell, a color consultant and international brand ambassador for Farrow & Ball, the trend of using gentle pastels in design, which became popular during the last few years, is declining. Instead, cooler soft blues, such as Skylight, will be replaced by slightly bolder colors like Selvedge, which have enough depth to add character. Hannah Yeo, Manager of Color Marketing & Development at Benjamin Moore, agrees and believes that colors are becoming more confident as people move away from their comfort zone and express their creativity through color. This trend is influenced by the rise of small gatherings and dinner parties, as bold and confident hues create a moody backdrop for entertainment spaces.

Warm hues, including warmer grays, are becoming popular as cool blue-grays reach their peak. Popular warm grays include Pashmina AF-100 and Coastal Fog 976, while shades like Southern Road and Villa Grey offer a calming atmosphere. Teal is expected to be popular this year as people seek unique color options. The combination of blue and green in teal is appealing, appearing green in natural light and blue in artificial light. A deep teal like Lick’s Teal 03 76 Dean Street is recommended for a dark color scheme and is considered a timeless alternative if too dark.