Man Who Bet Life Savings on Roulette Spin Goes ‘All or Nothing’ Again

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Imagine putting all your chips on a single spin of a roulette wheel. Now, picture daring to take that plunge again two decades later. In 2004, Ashley Revell made headlines when he liquidated everything he owned, from his home to personal belongings, to finance a high-stakes, all-or-nothing wager. This bold move led him to place over $95,000 on a single spin of the roulette wheel at the Plaza Hotel & Casino. So what happened?

Ashley’s Vegas Triumph Resurfaces

Opting for red proved fortuitous with the bet coming through and Ashley finding himself strolling through Sin City with a hefty sum of over $190,000 in his back pocket. Ashley’s clip from the reality show Double or Nothing in 2004 has resurfaced and gone viral. Two decades on, we revisit the daring gambler’s story as he gears up for another extraordinary gamble.

Back then, he made headlines with his significant bet in Las Vegas while participating in the Sky One reality show. The gamble garnered attention on international platforms, including an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in the United States and This Morning in the UK. Reflecting on the victorious bet, he openly admitted the risk, deeming it “very dangerous” to walk around Vegas with $190,000 in his hands.

Ashley’s Bold Bet

At 52, Ashley revealed he’s not shying away from another all-or-nothing venture, but this time, it’s in the realm of business. He’s the brains behind the innovative tech startup,, a pioneering business that introduces a novel approach to URLs described by Ashley as being “like a memorable QR code but with words and colors instead.”

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He’s expressed the thrill of kickstarting a new venture. Ashley has invested his all into the firm, and the early signs are promising, boasting over 1,000 users and potential clients in the pipeline, complemented by a pending patent.