Fire Department Intern Discovers Unexpected Connection to His Mentor

In a small corner of Knoxville, a seemingly ordinary summer internship took an extraordinary turn for a recent high school graduate known as OT. Little did he know that the firefighters he was about to meet had already made a mark on his life, having helped deliver him into the world 18 years prior.

Fire Department Intern Discovers Unexpected Connection to His Mentor
An Unexpected Connection

A Memorable Arrival

In the corridors of the Knoxville Fire Department, a tale of an extraordinary delivery resonates throughout the years. Lateshia Hall, a courageous mother, recalls the urgency of that New Year’s Day in 2005 when she sought the aid of the fire department to bring her child into the world. Little did she know that the firefighters who responded to her call would become an important part of her son’s life story.

The Internship Opportunity

Fast forward to the present day, and young OT, whose full name is O’Tavais Harris, has completed his high school journey. He secures a spot in Knoxville’s Summer in the City program, which offers an internship with various civic departments. It was an exciting prospect for OT, who was unaware he was about to witness a remarkable twist of fate.

The Internship Opportunity

A Surprise Encounter

One day during his internship, OT decides to make a video call to his mother, eager to introduce her to Kevin Faddis, his mentor at the program. OT’s mother immediately recognizes Kevin standing beside her son. Overwhelmed by disbelief, she recounts the story of OT’s birth, sharing how Faddis and his colleague, Mark Wilbanks, responded to her emergency call all those years ago. It is a surreal realization that OT’s mentor had been present at his very first breath.

A Lasting Intern-Mentor Bond

The pieces of the puzzle fall into place when OT reveals details about his family and the neighborhood he grew up in. In an instant, Faddis recalls delivering a baby in that very neighborhood – a memory etched deeply in his mind. The bond between mentor and intern leaves OT filled with a profound appreciation for the men who unknowingly shaped his life.

How to Keep the Yard Safe and Bear Proof at All Times

Do you know if your yard is bear-proof? Can you ensure the safety of your home, family, and everyone around you, and tell them there’s no way a bear could ever enter your side of the fence? Bears are naturally drawn to yards because of food, garbage, and other factors – especially when they’re trying to find food for their young. But there are certain details you can manage on your own so that a bear passes by your yard without waltzing right in.

Keep the Yard Safe and Bear Proof at All TimesKeep the Garbage Contained

Bears are known for roaming people’s yards in search of food. But even if they’re simply passing by, they might get drawn in if your garbage isn’t contained. You should store it inside at night or use containers resistant to bears – you can check out the ones certified by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee. Don’t give bears the opportunity, and don’t increase their need for rummaging by keeping the garbage out in the open!

Make Sure the Grill Is Clean

A way to bear-proof your yard that’s easy and doesn’t take too much time is to ensure your grill is properly cleaned after each use. People enjoy having a barbeque with friends and neighbors, occasionally, or grilling some meat and veggies for dinner. But bears are easily attracted to the leftover smells, so wipe down that grill every time!

Cleaning the outdoor grillFeed Pets Inside for a Bear-Proof Yard

Feeding your cat, dog, or any other kind of pet outside can attract the attention of a curious or hungry bear. After all, their senses reach far and wide, and they can smell pet food from miles away. Just to be on the safe side – feed your pets indoors. Don’t give the bear reasons to visit your yard.

Pick Fresh Fruit

If you have fruit trees in your yard, make sure you pick the fruit before it ripens or falls to the ground. Don’t plant new trees if you can’t manage to collect all the fruit of those you have. Ripe fruit has an intense smell that can attract a wandering bear. If you want your yard to be bear-proof, deal with fruit at the right time – don’t let them ripen and fall!

Managing your yard and keeping it clean from garbage, ripe fruit, leftover grill smells, and putting pet food inside can help a whole lot to keep a bear-proof yard. If you don’t want these dangerous yet curious guests – keep your yard pristine!