Man Who Bought Hoarder’s Home Made Thousands After Discovering Incredible Treasures Inside

YouTube // @CuriosityIncorporated

A fortunate antique enthusiast hit the jackpot by acquiring a hoarder’s house that had turned into a real mess from years of neglect and over-collecting.

Alex Archbold seized the opportunity to purchase the Edmonton property following the passing of its previous owner, Madame Rac, a piano teacher, in November 2020 at the age of 76. What happened next simply had to be written about, and here it is!

Hidden Gems Worth Thousands

When Alex purchased the property and the contents for $10,000, it was in a deplorable condition. He faced the daunting task of cleaning up the mess and restoring the home to a habitable state.

Along the way, he hoped to discover some valuable antiques to sell. Initially, Alex believed that breaking even would be a stroke of luck, but little did he know he had vastly underestimated the hidden treasures accumulated by Madame Rac…

A House Cleanup Reveals Designer Treasures

He chronicled his efforts on the house through his YouTube channel, Curiosity Incorporated. At the beginning of the video, Alex shared that the person who lived there was really into fashion, so there is a good chance that some of the found items turn out to be designer.

YouTube // @CuriosityIncorporated

His intuition proved correct, and more! During the cleanup, Archbold discovered nearly 3 kilos of silver, jewelry concealed inside slippers, diamond rings, and a plethora of designer clothes.

Antique Auction Bonanza

From the first antique auction, he earned $150,000 alone, with estimates suggesting he could reach around $230,000 once all the items were sold. Archbold described the experience as an “urban legend kind of story” and marveled at being a part of it.

YouTube // @CuriosityIncorporated

Angela Larson, the owner of a vintage clothes shop, enthusiastically participated in Archbold’s auctions, expressing fascination with the high-quality fashion items that revealed the previous owner’s passion for style. The clothes spanned the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s, showcasing exquisite pieces with a keen eye for French seams, hand-tailoring, and luxurious fabrics.

Treasures Discovered in Unexpected Places

The finding of the unexpected treasures serves as a reminder not to judge a situation solely based on its outward appearance. The discovery of valuable items amidst the chaos highlights the unpredictability of hidden gems within seemingly neglected spaces.

Maybe you have some at home, go check now!