The Person Owning the Harry Potter House Endures Crowds of Fans

The magical world of Harry Potter has captivated millions of fans worldwide, but for one homeowner, living in the house that served as Four Privet Drive has become a challenge. Located in Bracknell, Berkshire, the real-life residence that portrayed the home of the Dursleys in Harry Potter has become a pilgrimage site for devoted Potterheads.

The Harry Potter House Is Famous

The Person Owning the Harry Potter House Endures Crowds of Fans
The Harry Potter House Is Famous

The homeowner, who prefers to remain anonymous, is less than thrilled with the constant influx of Harry Potter fans. In an interview, the homeowner expressed their astonishment at the level of fanfare. They recounted instances of people arriving dressed in full wizarding regalia, even breaking the boundaries by attempting to climb the fence. Despite the inconvenience, the homeowner has shown some accommodation, willingly moving their cars to facilitate fans’ photo opportunities. Nevertheless, the incessant presence of Potter enthusiasts has taken a toll, turning their driveway into a gathering spot.

Interestingly, the house was previously put up for sale in 2016 but was withdrawn from the market. Neighboring properties have reportedly commanded very high prices. The homeowner described the surreal experience of waking up to a continuous stream of fans outside their windows. They admitted being perplexed by the enduring popularity of the franchise, even though they acknowledged the impact and significance of Harry Potter.

The House Is a Popular Location

The House Is a Popular Location

The constant stream of visitors remains a challenge, particularly during school holidays when the number of people knocking on the door escalates. While most visitors are polite and ask for permission before taking photos, some are less considerate. The homeowner expressed sympathy for their neighbors, who also find themselves navigating through crowds to reach their driveways. They recounted encounters with fans from all over the world and acknowledged that some interactions could be awkward, though they have grown accustomed to the situation to some extent.

Interestingly, the iconic cupboard under the stairs, where Harry initially resided in the fictional world, still exists in the real house. The homeowner shared that it remains untouched, serving as a storage space for coats, an ironing board, and a vacuum cleaner. They even contemplated transforming it into a replica of Harry’s living quarters for added authenticity.

5 Wonderful Garden Accents That Can Be Crafted at Home

Gardening can be a very soothing and fulfilling activity. Making small garden improvements that’ll beautify and enhance this precious outdoor space can be a fun DIY process that rewards you with a more personalized backyard. Take a look at these five ideas for inspiration and maybe you’ll like one, or more, of them to add to your own gardening nook!

Scrap Tile Stepping Stones

Stepping stones can be very practical in any given garden, but they can also add to its overall aesthetic! A broken ceramic tile or plate doesn’t have to go to waste. Instead, use them to create decorative walkways in your yard. If you don’t have the materials at home, it’s easy to find damaged or chipped ceramic items at neighborhood sales or flea markets. For the base, you can use flat stones you might already have, craft them yourself using wood, plaster, or cement, or buy ready-made ones. Keep in mind, tile stepping stones could get slippery when wet!

Five Wonderful Garden Accents That Can Be Crafted At Home Chalkboard Plant Markers

This item can be very useful for a gardener! These chalkboard plant markers are reusable and can be made to look simply adorable. To make them at home, create a mixture of a quarter-cup of outdoor paint and one tablespoon of unsanded tile-grout powder. With this material, coat wooden plant marker stakes. Once they dry, you can write on them using a china marker pencil or white chalk. Keep in mind, the chalk might wash away with the rain.

Hanging Planter Baskets

Making the most of your garden sometimes means taking advantage of the vertical space as well. This can be done by crafting a few of these easy-to-make hanging baskets. They’re eye-catching and practical, and a great way to add some color and greenery to other areas, like the front porch, deck, or patio. You can make the basket using wire or wood and use sphagnum moss, coco fiber, burlap, or pressed paperboard as a liner.

Stenciled Art and Murals

If your garden has walls or tall fences, there’s no need to leave them blank. Use this empty surface to show your artistry and beautify your outdoor spaces. If you’re skilled at drawing or painting, you can take some time to create a lovely outdoor mural – it’ll surely be a labor of love. Another option is to cut out or purchase a stencil and use outdoor acrylic paint to transfer the image to your chosen surface.

Custom Concrete Garden Pots

Instead of buying premade plastic pots that’ll fade from the sunlight and wear out over time, have some fun by making your own concrete garden pots! This gives you the valuable opportunity to customize the platers to your personal style and preferences. You can use anything from milk cartons to plastic buckets for the mold and something as simple as tumblers from the dollar store for the interior mold piece. To make the concrete mix, you need one part cement, two parts sand, and four parts aggregates. Add some color to personalize the design even further!