Remembering Classic TV Shows and Their Theme Tunes

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If the golden age of television in the USA lasted from 1948-1959, the ’60s and ’70s brought a flurry of inventive, classic shows that took the idea of television entertainment to a whole new level. In a post-war climate, people needed laughter and thrilling drama in their lives, and TV delivered it in spades.

Here are a few shows that made America great in the 20th century, and the earworm theme tunes that dug their way into our hearts!

Perry Mason: The King of Theme Songs

Enter the courtroom with Perry Mason (1957), where legal drama meets sophistication! Raymond Burr impeccably portrayed Erle Stanley Gardner’s iconic lawyer, bringing the character to life in the 1957 to 1966 series that spanned 271 episodes. The legal drama’s legacy continued with 26 TV movies airing on NBC starting in 1985. Behind the scenes, the captivating theme, actually titled Park Avenue Beat, was composed by the versatile Fred Steiner.

Fun fact: Steiner also penned the theme for The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. The composer described the track as a musical embodiment of Perry Mason’s sophistication and toughness, adding an extra layer of depth to the character’s legacy.

Enchanting Shadows: A Spellbinding Journey

Enter the haunting world of Dark Shadows (1966), the iconic gothic horror soap opera that cast a spell from 1966 to 1971 across 1,225 episodes. The show soared to new heights, especially with the introduction of Canadian actor Jonathan Frid as the mesmerizing vampire Barnabas Collins.

In September 1969, a captivating soundtrack composed by Robert Cobert and his orchestra, featuring 16 tracks, including the eerie main title, captivated audiences. The haunting melodies reached an impressive number 18 on Billboard’s Top 200 album chart, solidifying Dark Shadows as a visual and musical masterpiece in the realm of television.

Bionic Brilliance and a Sonic Marvel

Enter the era of bionic marvels with The Six Million Dollar Man (1970s)! In the 1970s, bionic phenomena were all the rage, featuring men, women, boys, and even an unconventional bunch like a dog and a watermelon! Science was progressing at an incredible rate, and the sci-fi potential for TV shows was definitely a gold mine.

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The standout was none other than Lee Majors as astronaut Steve Austin, the original Six Million Dollar Man. Amidst his weekly adventures, the show boasted one of the best TV theme songs ever, a musical masterpiece crafted by the talented jazz saxophonist, clarinetist, and composer Oliver Edward Nelson. Nelson, known for his musical contributions to Ironside, Night Gallery, Columbo, and Longstreet, added a sonic touch that elevated the bionic experience to extraordinary heights. 8/10!

Sailing Down Memory Lane

Set sail on The Love Boat (1979)! Airing from 1977 to 1986, this ABC gem became the epitome of comfort television. The theme, a musical masterpiece by Charles Fox with lyrics penned by Paul Williams and sung by Jack Jones, became an iconic part of the show’s allure.

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In season nine, the torch was passed to Dionne Warwick, adding a new layer to the show’s sonic tapestry. Released in 1979, the extended version of the theme even charted at number 37 on the Billboard US Adult Contemporary chart! Ahoy to the timeless melodies of The Love Boat—and all the other classic TV shows our parents and grandparents loved.

Prepare Your Lawn for the Upcoming Cold Weather – Here’s What to Do!

Prepare Your Lawn for the Upcoming Cold Weather – Here’s What to Do!

Your lawn has been a favorite place for the entire family, but once winter hits, it’s time to take care of it.

The colder months are fast approaching, and you can’t leave it be, otherwise, you might not find the same pretty yard you had when the snow thaws and temperatures start rising again. Here are some must-dos to prepare for winter.

Mow the Lawn One Last Time

Mowing the grass in summer is essential, and everyone knows it. But don’t pass over the chore during the fall. It’s important to keep the grass short.

Mow the Lawn One Last Time

Once the snow hits—if you’ve kept it long and untamed—your lawn will become matted underneath and be more susceptible to diseases like snow mold. If your grass happens to catch a disease or matte too much, you won’t enjoy the sight once the snow lifts and sunnier days roll around.

Protect the Trees From the Temperatures

Trees do great during the warmer months, but once the colder temperatures start coming in, they need some extra protection.

Protect the Trees From the Temperatures

Temperature fluctuations can be very damaging, so make especially sure to wrap up those with thinner or weaker trunks if the winter is colder than usual—protect them so they don’t dry away and have to be removed later on; nobody wants to lose an innocent tree.

Protect the Plants From Animals

Plants make your lawn even more beautiful. That means they need protection during the winter months, just like everything else in your yard.

Protect the Plants From Animals

Animals like deer and rabbits tend to come closer to the plants when they can’t find other food, so adding a small fence or protective barrier around your plants will keep them safe!

Protect the Plants From Humans Too

Animals are not the only problem you should look out for during the winter months. If you live where snow is inevitable – keep a lookout! Humans, including yourself, can easily damage various plants around the lawn when they have to blow away the snow. That’s why it’s a good idea to mark off the boundaries where your driveway and walkways begin and where the plants are so everyone can keep that in mind!

Protect the Plants From Humans Too

There is so much more you have to keep in mind when preparing your lawn for the winter. You should fertilize, aerate, and protect your evergreens along with every other tree and plant, and keep the grass short and sweet so it doesn’t mat under the winter snow.

If you want to enjoy a beautiful yard once again when the spring and summer months come around, do what’s necessary to keep everything fresh, healthy, and maintained during winter!