Hostess Is Bringing Back 3 Fan-Favorite Holiday Treats

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With the holiday season now upon us, people have started getting into the festive spirit by listening to holiday music and decorating their homes. Some of our favorite brands are also taking action, and Hostess has also announced its holiday lineup., including some hot new merch.

What Is Hostess Bringing Back?

This year, Hostess has decided to bring back three of its most popular holiday cakes: Hot Cocoa & Marshmallow Donettes, Holiday Chocolate Drizzle Baby Bundtes, and Holiday CupCakes.

If you’ve tried Hostess’ Holiday CupCakes before, you know they’re nothing like the traditional cakes you’ve tasted. The cakes will return in November but will only be in stores for a limited time. So, make sure to stock up on them while you can.

New Holiday Merch

If you want to really immerse yourself into the holiday spirit while enjoying your festive treats, Hostess is also launching a new line of holiday merch. There will be new holiday ornaments and socks perfect for filling your stockings. The best part is that they will be in the shape of Hostesses’ treats: Donettes bags, CupCakes, Twinkies, SnoBalls, and HoHos. Your Christmas tree will look better than ever!

New Holiday Merch

The Donettes Bag ornament will retail for $10 at Cracker Barrel stores, while you can get the CupCakes ornament for $6 at Walmart. The Hostess set includes a Twinkie, CupCake, SnoBall, and HoHo ornament. It will only be available at TJ Maxx stores. You can also buy a two-pack of Twinkie-themed holiday socks at TJ Maxx and Marshalls for $4. It’s shaping up to be a very Hostess Christmas indeed.

Little Hercules, Richard Sandrak, Has a Very Different Life Now

The former World’s Strongest Boy, Richard Sandrak, who was dubbed “Little Hercules”, lives a very different life, 22 years on from his bodybuilding success. He now looks nothing like his younger self, after he gave up lifting weights altogether.

The “Little Hercules” Richard Sandrak Has a Very Different Life NowWho Is Richard Sandrak?

Back in 2000, Little Hercules was an eight-year-old boy with a stunning physique. We are talking about eight-pack abs and impressive definition in his legs and arms. At a young age, he was able to lift three times his body weight while using his body flexibility to become a karate master. At just 11 years old, Richard was named the World’s Strongest Boy.” However, it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. It was reported that the young weight lifter possessed just 1% body fat, which is so low that it’s dangerous for his health.

Little Hercules Received a Lot of Criticism

According to an online men’s journal, such low body fat can easily result in serious health issues, including heart problems, muscles becoming weaker, and getting sick a lot. After a documentary about young Richard was released, there was a lot of criticism of his parents. Many were saying that his training sessions were cruel and unethical. At the time, some medical experts said that a child this young wouldn’t be capable of producing enough hormones to get that size naturally.

Where Is He Now?

Now that Richard is a fully grown man, he admits he’s no longer interested in bodybuilding. He said that he’s proud of his past and it’s not something that he didn’t want people to know about, it’s just that he’s not going to be stuck living in it.

Richard’s career has changed a bit since his bodybuilding days. As of 2015, he was working as a stuntman at Universal Studios Hollywood Waterworld show. The former bodybuilder admits that he does occasional cardio sessions to stay in shape.