Couple Who Met on First-Ever Dating “App” Are Together 60 Years Later

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Dating apps are extremely popular nowadays, and while we think of them as a modern invention, the first computer dating program, Operation Match, was launched in 1965. Two Harvard students decided to release this matchmaking service that involved filling out a questionnaire to get a computer-generated list of possible matches. Alex and Gladys Rysman used the program 60 years ago and are still together to this day.

The First Dating “App”

Alex was studying at Columbia University, and Gladys was a student at Brooklyn College. They both lived in New York and were intrigued by the dating “app,” so they decided to sign up. Gladys explained that it was something new for the times they were living in, so they decided to give it a shot.

X (Twitter) // @the_60s_at_60

The students had to answer over 100 questions, describing themselves and their ideal date. Then, they had to mail the paper survey and pay a tax of $3 to the Harvard students. With a special IBM computer, Alex and Gladys received a list of the top six potential matches and their phone numbers a few weeks later.

The Perfect Match

Alex ended up calling only one of the people on the list: his now-wife, Gladys. They first met in 1966 and immediately knew there was a special bond between them. They matched so well that Alex proposed the next year. Today, they are still happy after almost 60 years of marriage. The couple have three children and run a jewelry store in Massachusetts.

Alex and Gladys gave something new a chance, and it ended up changing their lives forever. If you’re considering using a dating app, it may be worth a go. Alex’s advice is to be patient and explore different matches until you find the right one.