This Is How to Prepare a Gas Grill for the Cold Winter Months

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If you own a gas grill, it has probably been your trusty companion during the hot summer months. But now that the winter is officially here and you are not planning any cooking outdoors, you should consider winterizing it. Follow the steps below and your grill will be set for next summer!

Switch Off the Gas

First, shut off the gas tank. Then, you need to unfasten the burner and slip the tubes off the gas lines.

It’s important to check the owner’s manual so you can do it safely. Then, lift out the unit. Keep the propane tank connected but switched off if you are storing the gas grill outside during the winter. Put a protective cover over the entire grill.

Cleaning Is Key

It’s important to get all the gunk off your grill, and deep cleaning is the way to go. Charred stuff on your grates can be dangerous for your health, and germs can live on the drie bits of food. Not to mention corrosion—it’s also a problem that can be solved by cleaning.

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You can also polish the outside of your grill. This way, you give it an extra layer of protection.

Adding Cooking Oil to Repel Moisture

It’s important to protect the metal parts of your gas grill. You can use cooking oil to repel moisture that builds up over the winter. You can be extra protective and use some plastic bags to wrap the burner unit and keep insects and spiders from nesting in the gas tubes.

It’s a common problem that can make for uneven flames, balky starts, or even a one-alarm fire the next time you use it.

Covering the Gas Grill

Put on a cover grill before you put it away for the winter. It’s an essential step if you are leaving it outside. The harsh weather will exact a heavy toll during the chilly weather months, no matter how well you have taken care of your gas grill. This can shorten its life.

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If you have space in your garage or any other enclosed area, cover the grill and store it there. Keeping it out of the ice, cold, and snow will protect it. If your garage is not an option, you should find another covered area for extra protection. Get to work!