De-Cluttering Your Kitchen Countertops—The Do’s and Don’ts

Remove Unused Appliances

Kitchen countertops are often used to store small appliances, but that makes everything look cluttered and unkempt. So what should you keep on top, and what shouldn’t you? Here are a couple of suggestions.

Remove Unused Appliances

A countertop could look so much neater and cleaner if you remove appliances you don’t use all the time.

For example, a blender you use once a month shouldn’t have a permanent home on your countertop. It will only collect dust and make the surface look cluttered, especially when other items may be more useful being out there.

Keep Spices Off the Countertops

Spices are supposed to have an intense flavor. But keeping them right on the surface, especially near an oven or stove top, can make them degrade and lose their flavor over time.

Pexels // @cottonbro studio

It’s not the best idea to keep them on the surface where the sunlight and hot cooking surfaces can make them lose their taste—it may actually be affecting the taste of your dinner!

Knives Are Meant for the Drawers

Knife blocks and other decorative holders may look really nice when you put them on the countertops, but is that really the safest place? It’s not.

This is especially important if you have children in the house, particularly those who are tall enough to reach items, but still aren’t ready to keep themselves out of harm’s way.

Electronics Are Not Safe on the Surface

It may be useful to have certain electronic devices, such as your phone or Alexa, handy on the countertop, but is it smart?

Something can go terribly wrong if you keep your electronics there because they are vulnerable to splatter and other unfavorable situations.

Put Those Stacks of Paper Away

People often choose to keep papers and documentation on the countertops—which leaves them vulnerable to splatter and staining.

Pexels // Nataliya Vaitkevich

But also, it looks messy to have all kinds of paper lying around. Do what’s best for you: remove them from the surfaces!

A Couple Went Viral for Getting Engaged and Married on the Same Day

Many couples take time to plan their wedding, but that wasn’t true for Tiffany Jones and her boyfriend. The pair went viral after getting engaged and married on the same day, and she didn’t lift a finger! The event was on August 17th in Birmingham, Alabama, and recorded by TikTok user Rosemarie Allen.

A Couple Went Viral for Getting Engaged and Married on the Same Day
Engaged and Married

Engaged and Married on the Same Day

As Tiffany descended the stairs, she walked into a romantic proposal prepared by her boyfriend. He was on one knee in the middle of rose petals and candles. She was in pleasant shock, and her tears fell as he pulled out his phone and started reading why he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. After his emotional speech, she said an excited ‘yes’ as everyone around her shrieked and smiled!

Engaged and Married on the Same Day

She Was Shocked

The video of the proposal was uploaded on TikTok by Rosemarie Allen, who also filmed the following video. The bride walks into a room to find a wedding dress prepared. Her friends revealed that they had planned her entire wedding, and within an hour, the couple would be married! The wedding segment also features a montage of photos, a video of her trying on the wedding dress, and many more surprises.

Love Doesn’t Need Time

Part three of the videos features a slideshow of the ceremony and reception. It was overwhelming and emotional for the couple and those around them. There’s also a last video which shows the bride walking down the aisle. A special thanks was noted to Rosemarie Allen for capturing everything on film and savoring the memory of the special day.

Love Doesn’t Need Time

Overwhelming support was graciously shown by all the followers of the engaged and married couple. The masses were happy for them and wished them all the best for the days ahead. It’s more proof that love doesn’t need too much time and fairytale events can happen in a day!